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Tommy's Compost Service

The Town is excited to be working with Tommy's Compost Service to collect food scaps and organic waste.  Not only do food scraps and organic waste have a large economic impact in terms of disposal costs, but they also have enviromental impacts.

Benefits of Composting for the Town

  • By composting food scraps and organic waste, we hope to be able to reduce the frequency of emptying the dumpster saving on hauling costs.
  • All waste will contribute to local composting farms that will produce nutrient-dense soil 
  • Help prevent filling of landfills 
  • Working with Tommy's Compost Service, owner is a Cheshire Resident, mom-owned small business, please check out her website Here

You will find the Composting Tote located in the former "Paint Shed" at the Transfer Station.  We will soon have small kitchen composting containers to purchase, please see the flyer for information on "What Can Go In Your Compost Bin"

Tommy's Compost Flyer